Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Shopping Spree

Today I spent all afternoon shopping with E.  He seriously needed new summer clothes. Ah, yes, the joy of growing children.  I have been squeezing him into his last year's shorts all month and I felt kind of bad when he couldn't even take off the button from his shorts to go to the bathroom. lol. So off we went to the stores today.  I did find some great things for him at TJ Maxx, Gordmans and Old Navy though, so no more squeezing into two sizes too small clothes anymore for E.    

I love costume jewelry but I especially love obnoxiously huge, fun cocktail rings.  Here is my latest treasure I bought from Gordman's:

It's actually very heavy. lol. But I love how gaudy it is.  I also like that the band is stretchy so it will fit any finger I put it on.  I have really fat fingers, and usually take a size 8 so stretchy bands are great for me.  I paid $6.99 for this ring.  Usually a little more that what I would normally pay but I made an exception today because my 20% off coupon went towards E's t-shirt purchase.  

I also found these nail art stickers from L.A. Colors at Gordman's for only $1.99.  Usually nail art stickers retail for around $3-$6 depending on the brand.  I love the detailing in these stickers and how it reminds me of lace.
Then while I was at TJ Maxx I found this travel coffee mug for $4.99.  I love damask designs anyways, so this purple one was perfect for me.  I like how the lid is silicone (it feels like those plastic cake molds) and can be easily cleaned.  I have plastic travel mugs and the lids can get so grimy and disgusting sometimes.  The rest of the mug is ceramic, so I have to be really careful not drop this.  You can also use this as a regular coffee cup in the house because the lid easily detaches. 
As I was shopping today, I saw these kind of mugs everywhere.  But I really like the design that I got.  The only thing that I don't like is that the top of the lid doesn't close.  So when I'm rushing out of the house in the morning, I have to be extra careful not to get coffee all over me.

I also purchased another reusable tote bag from TJ Maxx for .99 cents to put all of our purchases in.  I have been collecting these tote bags and have about 6 of them total now.  I love to take these grocery shopping with me because they are so big and durable.  These really are the biggest tote bags that I have found anywhere.  And I love the cute designs.  I will have to take a picture of all of my tote bags for another blog entry.  
I went to the craft store, Michael's just because they had some great sidewalk deals.  I found these glass canisters of glitter for only .50 cents each, except for the two pink ones which were $1 each.  These are about the size of my index finger.  I picked these up because I thought that they would be great to use for future fraken nail polish creations. (insert evil dr. laugh)  
Description from left to right:  So the far left pink has the smallest, finer glitter.  The fuchsia glitter has larger hexagon glitter.  The red glitter and the dark purple is like the pink glitter, small and fine.  The next purple glitter over is larger hexagons like the fuchsia one.  And the last purple one is hearts!  I'm looking forward to putting all of the purple glitter together with the fuchsia one for my next fraken nail polish.  Pretty right?

I got these pencils with delicious looking cupcake erasers for only .50 cents each.  How cute!  E knows that I love making cupcakes for him so he found these for me in the clearance section and he was right!- I absolutely loved them.  They even come wrapped like a lollipop!  I picked up two, one for me and one for a future blog giveaway/prize.  
Then we actually went inside the store. lol.  I got these two monogram holders for $1.29 each.  I wanted to hang my keys on them.  One is for me and one is for the hub.  I was thinking about spray painting them a different color so that they would pop against my already white walls, which is why I haven't hung them up yet.
So nothing really beauty related today but just wanted to share my novelty items.  Enjoy your day!

Wishing you sunny sweet Sundays,

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