Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fraken Polish Contest!

I am hosting my first fraken polish contest on Pebhmong!  See my official thread here on Pebhmong.com

Official Rules:
1.  This contest will run until Thursday June 30th 12:00 pm.

2.  Only one fraken polish entry per person.

3.  Must list all nail polishes used in creating the fraken.

4.  Must submit photo of fraken polish creation on nails via email to kher999@gmail.com or pm through PH.

5.  Must submit photo of final fraken polish creation in bottle via email to kher999@gmail.com or pm through PH.
(you will have at least 2 photo submissions-but no more than 4 photos please)

6.  Must name your fraken polish creation.


There will be two winners:  one winner will be selected by voter's poll and one will be randomly selected by a generator.  Voting begins on Monday June 27th and will run until Thursday June 30th.  Only one vote per person.

To get two additional entries in random generator drawing please do the following:

1 additional entry: follow me on Blogger with GFC
1 additional entry: leave me a comment on my blog about any entry

Have fun!

Prizes include the following:
1 Sula Paint & Peel nail polish
1 Revlon nail buffer
1 Yes2Carrots body butter jar (1.01 fl.oz.)
1 fruit face mask/peel
1 Elf eye primer
1 Maybelline Mineral Power Blush
1 Softlips lip balm w/SPF 20
..and more to come!
Happy mixing!

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