Thursday, June 23, 2011

Couponing at Target

I tried some extreme couponing today at Target.  Saved a little bit of money but not as much as I would have liked. lol.  Here are some of the products I got through couponing.

First off are the Nivea products.  I had a coupon for $2 off a Nivea Men's body wash, so I picked one out for the hub.  The body wash was priced at $3.49 at Target.  Therefore, I only paid $1.49 for the body wash.  I got three lotions from Nivea by stacking Target coupons with manufacturer coupons.  I picked out Nivea's Sun Kissed Radiant Skin lotion which was priced at $7.69.  I wanted to try this lotion because it is a gradual tanner lotion like the Jergens ones.  I had a manufacturer coupon for $2 off and a Target coupon for $1 off.  This brought it down to $4.69. 
Then I purchased the Nivea Happy Sensation lotion.  This lotion was priced at $5.04 but I stacked my manufacture coupon for $2 off and my Target coupon for $1 off so I only paid $2.04 for this one.
Also got the Nivea Express Hydration lotion.  This was priced at $5.04 also, but I stacked my Target coupon for $1 off and manufacture coupon for $3 off so I paid $1.04 for this one.  

Next, I had some Sonia Kashuk coupons that I printed from the Target website.  These were for $1 off any Sonia Kashuk cosmetics item.  I picked out another set of the full glam lashes for $4.99 minus the $1 off coupon to equal $3.99.  I also got a new limited edition kabuki brush that was on clearance for $6.48.  I got it for $5.48 with the $1 off coupon.  
I needed more conditioner, so I headed over to the Pantene displays.  I picked out two conditioners so that I could use my manufacture coupon for $1 off any two products and stack it with my Target coupon for $1 off.  These were priced at $3.50 each, but in the end I only paid $1.50 for one of the conditioners.
Next I bought two sticks of Secret deodorant which were priced at $3.99 each.  I had a manufacture coupon which allowed me to pick out one body spray for free upon purchasing two Secret deodorants.  I also had a Target coupon for $2 off so I only paid $5.98 for these three products in the end.
Some of my Sally Hansen coupons were going to expire at the end of this month so I picked out some things.  This manufacturer coupon was for $2 off any Sally Hansen nail repair product upon purchase of any Sally Hansen nail polish.  I picked out this polish from the Xtreme wear collection.  This is Rockstar Pink, a glitter nail polish which priced at $2.54.  I picked out this Hard as Nails product which retailed for $2.69, but I got at just .69 cents after the coupon.
Here are some other items I picked up while I was at Target:
 Elf lashes for $1- I've never tried them before *cross fingers*
 Blistex Deep Renewal Lip Balm with SPF 15 for $1.87
 Sally Hansen toe spacers for $1 (I also picked out another one for my current contest prize)
 Elf cuticle pen also for $1, to give away for my contest prize.
 Cards from the dollar section of Target with cherries on it!
 I need something to store all this makeup in. lol. Hub is putting this together for me tomorrow so I will take a picture of it as soon as it's up.  $30
St. Ive's Apricot Scrub for $3 for me to try

I had spent about $125 total but after coupons, my total came down to around $89.  (I had  also picked out more items that are not shown)  So not really extreme couponing, but it's kind of a start, right? :)

Keep clippin' those coupons,


  1. I like Target's selection of ClosetMaid storage bins. I bought 2 shelves there to use as my night stands about 6 years ago and they're still in mint condition.

  2. Hi Sue! Thanks for leaving me a comment. I love them too! I have one of those bin shelves in my living room & I love it because it is decorative as well as functional. Love Target!