Monday, June 27, 2011

I got Naked

After much debate with myself, I did it.  I jumped on the Naked train and I got the Urban Decay Naked Palette.  I have swatched it so many times but always walked away from it because of the hefty price tag.  But I made up my mind and I bought it while I was at Ulta for $48.  (eek- it was painful watching that money being handed over.)  But-it was my personal reward for working my butt off this last year with school.  :)
I am only going to swatch the colors that I like the most from this palette.  You have all probably seen swatches of this very popular palette already.  
Swatches: Smog, Half Baked, SideCar and Sin
So, first off on the left of these swatches is Smog.  This is such a pretty bronze color.  Next in line is Half Baked.  I am so in love with Half Baked.  It is so pigmented and silky smooth.  Just a great gold color overall.  The next one over is Side Car. This I would wear as an all over color on my lids.  Very pretty.  And last is Sin.  These are all my favorites because of the shimmer factor. lol.  I do like that there are mattes in this collection though, just because I normally do not buy matte shadows (Naked and Buck are the mattes- haha or buck naked)  

I will do a look later on this week with this palette so stay tuned!

Shimmery swatches,

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