Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cherry Totes

I had to make a run to Target today to get some sunblock and a rain poncho for E because he's enrolled in day camp while I'm away in summer school.  And it is pouring rain today.  But while I was there I also found some $1 goodies for me.

First, I found this super cute cherry tote bag in the dollar section.  It is rather small, but I used it right away in the store to put my merchandise in.  The cashier even gave me .05 cents off during my transaction because I told her to use the tote to put my things in.  A discount for reusable bags!  Sweet.  
Then I picked up a Hello Kitty snack container for $1.  This is deep enough for strawberries or a handful of crackers.  Love!
Because of summer school I have been really trying to pinch pennies, so I love that I found these items for only $1 each.  Cute right?

Super Savings,

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