Sunday, June 26, 2011

Makeup Storage *pic heavy!*

I have been MIA since Thursday because I was out of town visiting my mom and at a wedding. But I'm back and with lots to blog about!
The hub put together my ClosetMaid storage unit I bought at Target so I have been busy organizing and re-organizing all of my things.  See that what I bought here.  I decided to go with a black, white and pink theme for my storage unit and accessories.
 Here is what I have on the top of my storage unit:
 I love this turning jewelry holder.  I first laid eyes of this jewelry holder while I was at TJ Maxx while shopping for E but held off on it.  I just had to go back for it.

Next to my storage unit I have one of those plastic storage shelves.  This was bought at Target for around $11.  The pink shelving on top and the pink buckets were all bought from the Dollar Tree. 
So far I have my lip liners and eye liners stored on top and some jewelry scattered around on there.  I'm still trying to figure out a way to display my bib necklaces.  :)

Here is what I have on the first shelf of my ClosetMaid storage unit:

I bought the black leather mail holder at TJ Maxx for $12.99.  This holds my eye shadow palettes.  These tin pans were all $1 from Target's dollar section.  The zebra print organizer was around $7, also from TJ Maxx. 
Behind the zebra print organizer are three more tin buckets which hold my lipglosses and mascaras.

This is the second shelf of my storage unit:
I bought the white trays from Walmart ($1.17 for a package of 3).  This second shelf holds my false lashes, concealers, shadow palettes, blushes, and more eye shadow.  In the black and white organizer, I have moisturizer, lip glosses and lip balms, sunscreen, makeup remover, etc.  
The third shelf currently holds my bronzers, pigments, NYX palettes, more blush and foundations.  The white trays were all purchased at Walmart ($1.17 for package of 3).  I have some extra bean bag fill (Walmart $5) in the white and green bag that I put in some of the tins to hold my make up brushes.  In the pink and black suitcase I stored all of my lipsticks.  I need to find a better way to organize them, but for now this is okay. 
I had wanted to put my nail polish collection in this storage unit as well but it was far too big.  I had to put it on top of my jewelry box for now.  I didn't want to stack anything on top of it because I change my polish so much, it would be annoying to have to move everything and put everything back.
So, it's not very efficient storage yet, but it's a start.  I actually would love to get another ClosetMaid storage unit and put it next to the one I currently have.  haha.  Bonus-they are on sale this week for $25 at Target so now is the time to buy! :)

Finally clutter free,

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