Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tokidoki Pittura Brush Set - Review

Hey dolls.   I was in Sephora's last month and I picked up this cute brush set from Tokidoki.  This set comes with one crease brush, one liner brush and one eye shadow brush.  This was around $35 at Sephora.
The packaging is so cute!  Even the plastic packaging is too cute to throw away, so I'm keeping it to hold the brushes because they are rather bulky.  

Here is an up close look at the brushes.  I like how the brushes are tinted a coordinating color, but I hope that they don't bleed when upon washing.  The bristles are synthetic so they are extra soft.
The length of these brushes is about your standard pen/pencil size.  I do find them to be a little top heavy because of the adorable characters perched on top but this does not bother me.  This set includes the following characters:
  • Mozzarella (cow hood)
  • Adios Amigos (skull face)
  •  Donutella (little girl)
A definite flaw with these brushes is storage.  They are too cute to be placed in a cup and not displayed, but storing them on their heads means destroying and dirtying the paint on the characters.   If I decide to do away with the plastic packaging, I would have to lay these down in order to store them, like I already do with my dual ended brushes.
Here is the eye shadow brush.  I think that I will use this brush the most.  I love fluffy eye shadow brushes that I can use to quickly sweep on one all over lid color.  
The eye liner brush is what I use the least.  If I were to use it, I would use this probably with a gel liner or with my brows.  Maybe.  I'm not sure I'll find a lot of use for this.
This is the crease brush.  This one I would also probably use on a daily basis as well.  I find that these brushes are perfect for placing a highlight color right under my brow and then blending out with an all over lid color.  

Final Thoughts

  • Cute packaging
  • Synthetic bristles
  • Soft bristles
  • Doesn't shed
  • Affordable
  • White bristles can stain & hard to completely clean
  • Top heavy brushes
  • Bulky brush makes storage a challenge
  • Plastic wrapped character design on handle can peel off
Repurchase?  Yes, I think that I would.  I was deciding between the kabuki brush or this set, and I think that I will definitely pick up more from this line if given the chance.  The packaging is a plus-I love all things kawaii.   
What do you think?  Are you a fan of Tokidoki products?


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