Tuesday, January 3, 2012

OPI-Your Royal Shine-ness

Hey dolls.  Just wanted to show you what I rocked on my nails for NYE:
This is OPI's Your Royal Shine-ness.  Was slightly worried about brush strokes with this polish, but pleasantly surprised.  No brush strokes and very little clean up required.  I used three coats for these pictures and topped it with my Revlon Quick Dry top coat.  
I am still trying out this Revlon topcoat-and it's been so extremely hard to not reach for my Seche Vite instead because I am so impatient when it comes to dry time.  Point being, I will do a thorough review on the Revlon polish in time.  I just want to give it a fair chance.   
Anyways, this is my first OPI polish, can you believe it? This came as part of the Serena Grand Slam England duo polish pack. (Say that 5 times fast!)  Overall, I think that I have a good Revlon dupe to this polish, but since I received it in a give-away, I'm not complaining.
I also got Servin' up Sparkle as part of the pack but alas, I think that my CoverGirl Disco Dazzle is another dupe for this so I'm not swatching it in this post.  Holo, hex glitter, clear base... bleh.  I'm just kinda over it.  Probably will end up using it to layer on top of something else.  ^_* 

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  1. I have that set, too. I use Servin' Up Sparkle alot whenever I want a glittering mani.