Monday, January 16, 2012

Blog Award & 11 Questions

Hey friends.  I just got awarded a Cute Blog Award from fellow reader BabyPanda and tagged to do 11 questions from another faithful reader, Lisa.  Thanks for all the love girls!
This means a lot because I started my blog as a leap of faith, and wasn't sure that anyone would really read it as there are a ba-gillion makeup blogs out there in cyberspace.  I am glad that I have found blogging as an outlet and a new favorite pastime/obsession. Thanks again ladies! 

Rules for Award: 
1. Link back person who awarded you
2. Answer award questions
3. Tell us something about yourself you haven't told us in your blog yet
4. Award as many blogs you think are worthy of this award 
5. Make sure to let those you give this award know you awarded them!

Questions : 
1. What is your go to make up product?  
 Foundation, shadow, liner & mascara 
2. What was your favourite fashion trend of 2011?
Color blocking 
3. What is your favourite dessert?
4. Favourite color?
5. What is your middle name?

Don't have one 
6. What was the last song you listened to?
Bruno Mars-It Will Rain
7. Cats or Dogs?

Something I haven't told you in this blog : 
I will have been married for 8 years on Feb. 16th!

I am passing on this award to these fellow bloggers:

Next up, Lisa tagged me with these 11 questions:

1. If you could be an animal for a day, which animal would you like to be?
Cat, so I could sleep all day. :)
2. What is your favorite nail polish?
Probably my new Finger Paints flakie.
3. Rollercoasters or ferris wheels?
Ferris Wheels -I've never been on an actual roller coaster.  I'm chicken. :)
4. Do you speak more than one language?
Yes, Hmong.
5. What is your favorite TV show at the moment?
Desperate Housewives! 
6. What has been the greatest concert you have ever been to? 
Never actually been to one!
7. Do you listen to the radio?
Yes, during my commute to school.
8. Blush or bronzer?
9. Are you more afraid of a visit to the dentist or getting your hair cut by someone else?
10. Fruit or vegetables?
Fruit, of course.  I love fruit.
11. Why did you start your blog? 
I couldn't really find anyone who did reviews and focused on drugstore makeup besides Noveau Cheap! 

Here are my own 11 questions:
1.  What is your favorite beauty product as of right now?
2. What fashion/beauty trend are you not a fan of?
3. Which piece of jewelry do you never take off?
4.  Reality TV? Over it or still into it?
5.  Have you ever traveled out of country? Where?
6.  What is your dream job?
7.  Which superhero would you be and why?
8.  If you had a $100 giftcard to Sephora, what would you get?
9.  What is your favorite vintage/retail find?
10.  How many pairs of shoes do you have?
11.  Which clothing item do you revisit again and again?
I tag:
Charisse @ GorgeousSkin
and everyone else who like to do this tag! Link back so I can read up on it!



  1. Yay :) You should definitely try roller coasters, they're so much fun :)