Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 1-Master Cleanse

Hey dolls.  So I was seriously contemplating blogging about this experience, but I figured that in the end, it would at least hold me accountable!  lol.  I will be writing about this experience every couple of days or so and letting you all know if I'm still on track.

If you have never heard of the Master Cleanse or the "Lemonade Diet" you can Google it and read up on it.  I will just be referring to it as the Master Cleanse for this and future posts. 
I have successfully completed the Master Cleanse once before about three years ago.  I did it for a duration of two weeks.  This time, I am doing it for 10 days, stopping just short of my work place's annual (and very big) fundraiser on January 20th.  

Although I did not make any New Year's Resolutions this year, I think that losing weight is something that I want to do for myself.  I just want to feel good about myself again and fit into clothes that I like!  I wanted to do the Master Cleanse to jump start this and to wean myself off of coffee (yum!) and sugar.  

So I technically started last night already with the tea.  I used the Traditional Medicinals brand last time so I went back and bought another box.  I found this is on the organic section of the supermarket.
I also picked up some lemons, cayenne pepper and maple syrup while at the supermarket.  Last time I used Grade B maple syrup and was able to specially order it through the supermarket.  This time, they weren't as helpful and I had to settle for what was on the shelves, the Grade A maple syrup.  If you can't find Grade B maple syrup, be sure to at least use organic, 100% pure maple syrup.  Do not-I repeat-DO NOT use the kind that comes in a squeeze bottle that you pour on your pancakes. Get the good stuff.
I also did the salt water flush this morning but only used 1 tsp of sea salt with the four cups of water.   For me, this is the worst part of the master cleanse.  I chug and sip this concoction through a straw while standing next to the sink in case my gag reflex comes into play, but I basically do whatever it takes to get it all down.  I thought that I would build my salt tolerance because this was my first day, but I think that was a bad idea.  Whenever I did the salt water flush before, I would have to go to the bathroom within 30 minutes.  I will try more salt tomorrow to see if it makes a difference.   Some people also like to put a squeeze of lemon into this to make it easier to swallow.  I will try this as well.

The lemonade itself is very good.  I love lemonade so I could sip on this stuff all day.
I also like my lemonade on the spicier side so I use a tad bit more cayenne pepper in it.  You are supposed to sip on this throughout the day whenever you feel hungry.  It is better to make it fresh and drink it on the spot but if you have to go to work, like I do today, you can always pre-make some in a bottle and take it with you.  Though, a fair warning- the longer the cayenne pepper sits in your lemonade, the hotter it gets. 

I have had two cups already this morning and I'm doing okay.  But I guess I should stop watching the Food Network because it is just a big tease. lol.  Also-you might as well stock up on toilet paper because you will definitely need it. ;)

Wish me luck and drop me some comments if you have any questions about the Master Cleanse.  


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