Saturday, January 28, 2012

MAC Haul

Hey dolls.  I started student teaching this week so I have been extremely busy.  I haven't had any spare time to take pictures of all of the things that have accumulated over these past couple of days, so I thought I would just do a collective post on them.  
This particular post is dedicated to my latest MAC haul.  I was debating on ordering online but since I was in MN anyways last weekend, I stopped at the MAC store while at the MOA.  Here are the goodies I got:
I picked up a custom 4-eye shadow pan, 1 blush and 1 lipstick.  I was pretty good while I was there.  Plus, they were extra busy so I just nabbed the things that I really wanted.

Here is the custom eye-shadow palette that I made and purchased: 
I picked up Rice Paper, Patina, Sable and Club.  These colors are all right up my alley and Club has been on my wish list for a long time.
 Rice Paper & Patina:
 Sable & Club:
These are gorgeous colors and I'm glad I got them.  Below are swatches of each color:
 Swatches: Rice Paper, Patina, Sable, Club
 Swatch: Club
I included another swatch of Club because of the iridescent green shimmer that comes through.  Gorgeous, right?  I love shadows like this-and it reminds me of one of the colors from my Wet 'n Wild Comfort Zone palette.  Will do swatches of both to compare soon.

Also, this is my personal opinion, but I think that if you're going to invest in higher end products, it's best to start with colors that you will love and use over and over again.  It's easy to go straight for the limited edition coral lipstick or the bright glittery pink eye shadow, but seriously? -How often will you wear it?  *shrugs* Just my two cents. 

Anyways, I also picked up Dollymix.  This has also been on my wish list for a while, and my first MAC blush. 
This is such a pretty color.  I can see myself wearing this a lot in the spring and summer.  Love!
Swatch: Dollymix
Lastly, I got the red lipstick that I have been lemming for-Ruby Woo.  I need a matte red lipstick-all of the reds that I have are creme finishes. :)
 MAC matte lipstick in Ruby Woo:
 MAC lipstick in Ruby Woo:
Here it is on my lips and swatched on my hand:
 Swatched: Ruby Woo
Then, I went to the CCO while at Wisconsin Dells and nabbed three MAC shadow singles as well at just $10.25 each.
First up is Show Stopper.  This is a matte, dark brown.  I bought it originally to wear in the crease, but I have read on Makeup Alley that a lot of people use this on their eyebrows as well.  
This is Phloof!, a beautiful pearly color.  Perfect to put in the inner corners.  This is part of the MAC core collection, so finding it at the CCO was a steal.
Next is Smoke & Diamonds.  This was a limited edition shadow and much coveted by beauty bloggers.  I love that I was able to find it!
This is a beautiful taupe color and just screams ME.  Love!

Here are swatches of the shadows.  These are all swatched dry and with no primer underneath.
 Swatches:  Phloof!, Smoke & Diamonds, Show Stopper
Can't wait to play with all of these colors!  What are your favorite products from MAC? 



  1. Oooo! Nice haulage. :)

    I agree, why buy more spendy, mid tier makeup that is just going to sit and languish? I think long and hard before dropping a large chunk of my limited makeup budget on higher priced goodies and I make sure that those I do buy will be loved and get used. :)

    1. I'm glad that someone sees things my way too! :)

  2. Smoke & Diamonds is really pretty!

  3. wow all of these items are fabulous!!! Great picks ;) xx