Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Revlon Top Speed - Guava

Hey friends.  Here is what is currently on my nails:
This is from Revlon's Top Speed line, in Guava.  I love this awesome, juicy shade.  It is just what I needed - a great pick me up color with all of this dreary weather that we have been getting here in central Wisconsin.
This was on day 2 of wear, so I have some minor tip wear already.  Seche Vite was layered on top as well.  I think that dry time on these polishes is incredibly fast, so I am still impressed with that.
Makes me think if pink lemonade, sunshine and flip flops.  Oh, I miss thee! 



  1. When I see this pictures, the first thing that comes into mind is "Vamos a la playa" haha wonderful shade xx