Monday, January 16, 2012

Benefit-Dandelion Review & Swatches

Hey dolls.  This has been my current obsession.  Is it bad that I want to start collecting all the boxed blushes from Benefit now?  lol
 With & without flash:
This smells heavenly.  I am a bad describer of scents, so I won't even try, but it reminds me of wildflowers.  The smell doesn't linger once you swipe this one your cheeks, but you get whiffs of the scent when you swirl your brush.  

The cardboard box is a little bulky for it to sit in my makeup bag so I only pull this out for special occasions.  I wouldn't want to throw this blush in my purse either because it would get pretty beat up and the product would probably crack. 

The brush that is included in the package is nice for on-the-go application, but I haven't actually used it yet.  I like how there is a plastic protector piece that sits on top of the blush though and holds the brush in place (not pictured). 

I like this, but the color is actually really too light for my skin tone.  It is a beautiful soft, baby pink that would compliment fairer skinned girls.  I find that if I used it as a blush, I am swirling on tons of product to get even a hint of color.  This product is advertised as a "brightening face powder" and not necessarily a blush, so I will still use it as a highlight because there is a very soft and slight shimmer in it as well.

Final Thoughts

  • Smells amazing
  • Cute packaging
  •  Very little glitter/sparkle
  • Cardboard box packaging not durable
  • Bulky packaging
  • Color too light for my skin tone
Repurchase? Yes, despite the cons, I would still love to try other blushes from Benefit now that I have had a small taste! 

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  1. that is a really pretty color!

  2. This blush looks amazing, although I'm sorry it ended up being too light for your skin tone. I love the boxed blushes from Benefit, and really wish I could collect them all too! LOL The only one I have is the Coralista blush. I'd HIGHLY recommend you try that one next!!!