Saturday, September 24, 2011

Maybelline -The Falsies Mascara Flared

This was another recent mascara purchase, Maybelline The Falsies Mascara, flared.  That was a mouthful.  :)  
Anyways, I had seen a lot of advertising for this mascara and I was curious- no false lashes needed?  Really?  But I love false lashes!   
The mascara comes in the standard plastic tubing, but I like the angel wings on the wand.  Girly.  I was also surprised at the notch on the wand.  Was it supposed to be there?  I had to Google pictures to make sure that mine wasn't defected. lol.  It wasn't.  What is the purpose of the notch you say?  Well, to be honest, I don't really know.  I would guess that it is there to give some leeway to your lashes while you are applying- letting the wand yield to your lashes almost.  

The brush itself is huge.  I always manage to get some mascara on the underside of my lid from it.  It's easy enough cleanup with a little bit of water and a q-tip, but still annoying.  I just have really small eyes.  
The formula is nice-not too dry and not too wet.  I do use several coats of this when I am applying it and though it does clump a little bit, a wave of the lash comb manages to separate them.  What I don't really like is how the mascara applies itself to the very tip of my lashes and clumps them up.  I end up picking the little flecks off with my fingers at the end.

I also go over the mascara with my heated Avon lash curler that I bought at the beginning of the year to finish off my look.  What I like about this mascara is that it doesn't melt off onto the lash curler like my other mascara did.  It stays put and doesn't leave my lashes crunchy or flakey.

Overall, I don't like how it applies to the tips of my lashes and doesn't really define each lash.  It clumps them up instead.  I would much rather use my Rimmel London Lash Accelerator instead than reach for this. 

Hugs & butterfly kisses,

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