Thursday, September 29, 2011


Hey ladies!  I wanted to show you all this new shaving cream that I bought! This is Skintimate's Moisturizing Cream Shave.  I bought this in conjunction with some Secret deodorant and some buy-one-get-one-free couponing deal a while ago.
This is a non-lathering shaving cream, which is very different than from what I am used to.  I have used this all throughout September and I think that I personally prefer lathering shaving creams to this.  If I were to compare this formula to something- it would be to hair conditioner.  It's exactly like shaving with hair conditioner.  Honestly.  I would rather shave with hair conditioner actually because it is thicker than this particular formula.  I find that it is very slippery and it makes me nervous when holding my razor, for fear that one wrong slip could send blood down the drain. 

I think it smells awesome though.  It is infused with soy and olive butter to give you silky smooth legs.  I have to admit-my legs were touchably smooth after the shower.  But, shaving will do that anyways because it also sloughs away dead skin in the process.  

I also like the packaging- the flower petal design on the bottom of the bottle is cute and convenient.  It snaps open and shut and is a squeeze bottle. It also stands on the flower bottom in your shower, so you don't have any nasty rusty rings in the tub.  

Would I repurchase?  No, probably not.  I like the packaging but I would rather that my shaving cream be lathered.  What do you think?

Skintimate legs,

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