Friday, May 13, 2011

A Heated Topic

I have been busy making my Avon rep some money. lol.  I just got my new order from Avon last night and I am so excited about this product that I just had to blog about it first. (A haul blog will be posted later this week)

I finally ordered the heated eye lash curler from Avon that I have been dying to try.  This retails for $10 but they had a special going on so I could get another lash curler for only $1.99 extra.  I am so glad I ordered this lash curler.  I love it!  I was going to order it last time I placed an Avon order, but my total was already around $25 so I decided to wait on it. 

Here is what it looks like:
This lash curler is all black with no gimicky Avon labels on it or extra packaging.  (It came in a simple bubble wrap package.) You do need to insert one AAA battery in order to operate it (not included with your purchase).  Just switch it on and the red light comes on.  The top of the wand has a heat sensitive strip that glows red when first turned on and turns white when it is ready to use.  I thought I might have a little bit of waiting time but it heats up rather quickly.  A definite plus for when I am rushing through my morning routine.  
The wand can be used before or after mascara.  I love that!  My lashes can be curled with just a standard lash curler, but as soon as mascara touches my lashes, they turn stick straight again. I have just given up on curling my lashes. However, I tried this heated eye lash curler the night I got it and was amazed at how easy it was to use and how nicely it curls my lashes, even over day old mascara'd lashes. I took a picture of my curled lashes with the heated lash curler and pictures of my regular lashes for comparison.

To use it, just gently comb through your lashes.  I also turned the lash curler, held it at an angle and left it there for a little bit to give my lashes more curl. 
I love that this lash curler is a wand and not your typical lash curler.  The wand is very sturdy and very portable.  It is slightly larger than a ball point pen but easy to handle and easy to use. I used it again this morning over mascara and it left my lashes curled all day.  I have never had my Asian lashes curled all day with any product.  I am so glad that I found this product.  This lash curler has reached Holy Grail status in my book already.  What are you waiting for- contact your local Avon rep and order yours today!

Con:  My only gripe is that it can be hard to get into the inner corners with this lash curler. 

Lovely curly lashes,


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