Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Revlon Scented Polish-Mad About Mango

Here is another scented polish from Revlon, Mad About Mango.  This is yet another creme orange/coral color that I have been really drawn to this season.  
  Revlon Scented Polish-Mad About Mango
Pictured here is four coats.  Revlon nail polish- why must you hate me so?  I had such a hard time with this polish.  It was an uneven, streaky hot mess, complete with bald spots.  That is why I had to do four coats.  Seriously, Revlon...Seche Vite can't come to the rescue every time.  *sigh*  Even then, the scent is not something to jump for joy over.  It smells nice but kind of the same as the cherry one.  
I was contemplating doing a pedi with this color but I'm glad that I didn't.  Mostly because I didn't want to be caught sniffing my feet to see if I like the mango scent. lol.  

Overall,  love the color but application is just too much work.  Revlon needs to step it up when it comes to their polishes.

Mad love,

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