Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back 2 School Cool

E started second grade today.  *sniff*  I can't believe how quiet the house is going to be without the tv blaring and the pitter patter of his feet running back and forth to see what I am doing.  :(
 E, waiting for the bus...
 Still waiting...
and waiting...
He was being camera shy and wouldn't let me take any pictures of him so I had to be the paparazzi and snap photos from my balcony. lol.  So, here we go, back into the fall routine and early bedtimes.  Homework and reading & writing and newly sharpened yellow, number 2 pencils...

I start school the day after Labor Day too, so I couldn't resist picking up these cute notebooks for myself while I was back to school shopping for E.
 Hello Kitty mini notebook
Harajuku Lovers 5 subject notebook 
And I found this Hello Kitty tin pencil case for only $3.  This is a little bit bigger than this one that I found in China Town while I was in Chicago.
This will also hold brushes and various knick-knacks while I am traveling.  I bought all of these at Target.  What are your must-haves for back to school?

Love notes on Hello Kitty paper,

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