Friday, September 2, 2011

A Camping We Will Go...

Hey everyone!  I will be off camping during my holiday weekend so there will be a lack of posts from me for the next couple of days.  I will miss blogging terribly.  :(  Here is what I have packed already for our camping trip!
 My two bags, extra blankets and E's suitcase
 The air mattress kit that I made the hub go buy for us...
I refuse to sleep on the cold, lumpy ground.  :/
The tent that we had to get just for this trip
Also, I am having such a dilemma...  I still don't know what to pack for makeup- especially for outdoor camping?!  I was leaning towards tinted moisturizers or my BB creams, but I fear that it will all end up melting off of my face by the end of the day because of how oily I am.   Should I just stick with my tried and true mineral foundation and sunscreen?

I should also mention that there are NO showers where we are going-so that means I might be prone to break outs too if I bring along any liquid foundation.  I do plan on bringing my Elf makeup remover wipes and a toner to help me take off all the gunk.  

No showers also means- I have to take along dry shampoo.  I have never tried dry shampoo before just because I have to wash my hair every day.  If I don't wash it, it gets super greasy at the roots and it looks like I just combed lard into my hair.  Sorry for the mental picture, but I'm trying to make a point mmm-kay?  lol.  Anyways,  I didn't want to spend a fortune on dry shampoo that I was only going to use a couple of times, so I decided on these two drugstore brands:  Suave and Tresseme dry shampoos.  I spent under $3 for both of these and will do a thorough review when I get back on both of them for you.
 Suave Dry Shampoo
 Tresemme Dry Shampoo
And lastly, a sneak peek at my duffel bag...
 Liz Claiborn duffel bag
As you can see, I can hardly fit anything else into it.  Lots of sweatshirts and sweat pants for the chilly nights.  Do you think I am over packing?  I have always been an over packer.  I just can't help it.  There are too many what if's in life.  lol.  I will just be the girl that is prepared for them all. 

Btw- remember when I blogged about the Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV?  It's officially launched.  Yay!  $64 for this baby- and remember, it's limited edition!  I will place an order when I get back.   
Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. can't wait to see your review for the dry shampoos :)