Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Mascara

Hello dolls!  I wanted to show you all my new favorite mascara!   This is Rimmel London's Lash Accelerator mascara in Very Black.  I used my coupon from All You magazine for $3 off to purchase this.  Regular retail is around $7.  
 What it claims:
 The brush:
I rather like this brush because it isn't humongous.  It is tapered towards the end and the tip so that you can get in between all of your lashes with ease.  See how the bristles are closer together towards the tip also?  Great for the corners or those little lashes that seem to get overlooked all of the time.  

I also like how the bristles on the brush isn't made with plastic.  I am not really a fan of those.  The formula itself is really nice too- not too wet or too dry.  Just right.  I like how it covers and applies.

Here is a picture of my lashes with just one coat of this mascara.
 One coat of Lash Accelerator, lashes uncurled
 One coat of Lash Accelerator, lashes curled:
It is a little bit clumpy at first, but nothing that a lash comb can't work through.  I also curled my lashes with my heated lash curler from Avon and the mascara didn't melt off onto the curler.  (I hate that!) 

So does it do what it claims?  I feel like it does really accentuate my lashes.  I will continue to use this in addition to my Rapidlash every night.  Overall, if you have short lashes- I would recommend trying this mascara.  

Have you tried this mascara yet?  I am so glad that I picked this up from Rimmel.
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  1. I bought this mascara when I had a $2 off coupon and I love it! I'm really picky with mascara and I don't like to try new ones but I was really pleased with this! And I love the packaging of course :P