Monday, May 16, 2011

Elf Eye Primer & Liner Sealer Review

This Elf Eye Primer purchased by myself for $3 at Kmart.  I picked it up because I was curious about the eye primer but really didn't have a need for the liner sealer.  Actually, I wasn't even sure what a liner sealer was. lol. 

I have really oily lids and eye shadows crease on me like crazy if I don't wear any primer underneath.  I jumped on the bandwagon and purchased Urban Decay's Primer Potion while I was in Sephora's to try over a year ago.  I now wear UDPP on a regular basis and found that this formula does wonders for me.  I can wear shadows all day now with NO creasing.  So at around $18 bucks a pop, I was wondering if I could find a cheaper alternative to UDPP, especially because I would have to make a special trip out of town to pick up more if I ran out.

This Elf duo is double ended with the liner sealer at one end and the primer at the other end. 
Elf Eye Primer and Liner Sealer
The eye primer came in a stick form and looks a bit like concealer.  I had a hard time with the application.  I tried applying it to my eye lid and there was a lot of tugging and unevenness.  I had to blend the formula out with my fingers to get an even application.  It has the consistency of a concealer.  I did not notice any creasing with this formula though after one day of wear with eye shadow.
Swatch: Elf eye primer on back of my hand
 Elf Eye Primer worn underneath ELF eye shadows
 Elf eye primer worn underneath Elf eye shadows
I would much rather prefer my UDPP over this Elf formula.  I really have not used it since I took pictures for this post.  I might reach for this primer if I needed a concealer with more yellow undertones, but other than that it's been sitting in my traincase untouched.

I looked at the packaging to read how to use the liner sealer.  This clear formula is applied over any eye liner on your lids to prevent smudging and creasing.  I rarely have any problem with my liquid liners smudging and creasing, but I can see how it might be useful when I want to wear falsies. I do wear pencil liners once in a while but I like to smudge them out anyways, so I would not use this liner sealer with my eye pencils.  

Overall, I really have no real use for this product.  I thought that I might like the primer for my eyes but I am just not a fan of the formula and way of application.   


  1. Try the ELF Eyelid Primer , i'm guessing u r in the US as u got the other 1 at Kmart, i am in the UK so i'm afraid i don't know of US outlets selling this but i can 100% reccommend this, i too have always used UDPP or Too Faced Shadow insurance and this is just as good and much, much cheaper :o)

  2. Hi Lolly! Thank you for reading and taking time to comment. Yes, I am based in the U.S. and I have tried the $1 Elf eye primer. I agree that it is comparable to UDPP and for a great price! I picked it up and reviewed it last month. Thanks!