Sunday, May 22, 2011

Elf Every Day Basics Shadow Palette Swatches

I had blogged about this palette earlier this week and finally found some time to do some swatches of the colors.  One thing that I did not mention when I blogged about my Every Day Brights Palette is that these are so hard to get open!  I actually have to take a pair of my tweezers and wedge them into the opening of the palette in order to get them open.  I also mentioned that the palette design and packaging make you think that you are getting a much bigger palette than what it actually is.  -1 for packaging.
I will start off with the colors from the top row swatching left to right and work my way to the bottom row with the swatches.  These are all swatched dry and with no primer underneath.  
Swatches: Top Row
  Close up: first 5 colors in top row
Close up: last 4 colors in top row
 Swatches: Second row
 Close up: first 4 colors in second row
Close up: last 4 colors in second row
 Swatches:  Third Row
 Close up: first 4 colors in third row
Close up: last 4 colors in third row
 Swatches: Fourth row
 Close up: first 4 colors in fourth row
Close up: last 4 colors in fourth row
Again, the shimmer colors are much more pigmented than the matte colors in these palettes.  Not a deal breaker for me, but some might be more picky.  I always have a hard time finding a drug store matte shadow that has great pigmentation. 

I do see myself using the silvers and bronzes in this palette though, so not all is lost. 



  1. Wow! You have a lot of great reviews!

  2. Thank you for the sweet comment! I just started blogging so I am trying to really focus on content. I read and follow a lot of other gurus so I am slowing learning and trying to make this blog all my own. Thank you again for reading and taking time to comment!