Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mani of the Moment

I tried my hand at Strawberry nails the other day.  First I painted my nails pink with Sinful Colors in Folly.  I applied two coats and let each dry thoroughly before applying the green leaves on top.  I used my Sinful Colors in Innocent to create the leaves and a nail dotting pen to draw the triangles.  (I really need to invest in a set of nail art brushes)
Then I took another nail dotting pen and used my Sinful Colors in Unicorn to create the strawberry seeds on each finger.  Here is the outcome:
I got a lot of color on my cuticles and wasn't really happy with how the seeds turned out.  This mani only survived one day.

For my next mani I applied two coats of Sinful Colors in Mint Apple.  I let each coat dry and then applied Sinful Colors in Nail Junkie on top of Mint Apple.  See pictures and swatches of Nail Junkie here.

I just have to say that I am in love Nail Junkie.  It applies beautifully and unlike most glitter nail polishes, I only had to apply one coat.  I was surprised at how the holographic glitter was distributed so evenly across the nail in just one stroke of the brush. LOVE!  Most of my glitter polishes I have to really layer on because some of the glitter ends up only in one spot on the nail.  Annoying.  But just look at how my nails glisten with just one coat of Nail Junkie!  But I can tell that this one is definitely going to be one of my favorites. 
Nails:  Sinful Colors Mint Apple worn under one coat of Sinful Colors Nail Junkie
With Minted Nails,

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