Monday, May 30, 2011

Franken Polish!

So what exactly is a franken polish?  It's nail polish that you custom mix yourself-taking a little bit of this and a little bit of that - thus the term franken from the ever so famous Frankenstein monster. 

So cool right?  I had to try this for myself.  If you've been following my blog since it's birth, you will know that I love glitter nail polish.  So my franken polish, of course, has to contain glitter!  

I found an old NYC top coat polish that I don't use anymore because it had become too gloopy.  This bottle would hold my future pink glittery creation.  :)

Then I found some other polishes that I wanted to mix together.  I used this pink-coral color from L.A. Colors to use as a base color.  I then added some glitter polishes that I thought would look great together.  

So first off, I should mention that you want to set up a work station.  I worked at my kitchen table and spread newspaper out just in case of any spills.  I also kept a bottle of nail polish remover near by so that I could wipe off the opening of the fraken bottle before mixing.  

Then, put on your mad scientist face and get to mixing! :D
Here I have all the colors I used all lined up.
1.  Pour pink polish into clear topcoat bottle. 
 2.  Pour your next color of choice into the mix.
 3. Repeat
4.  Put the brush back on top and shake vigorously to incorporate all polishes together.
 Here is the final product!
And swatches of my fraken creation:
I actually thought the color was too bright so I added some white nail polish to the bottle and shook it up some more.  This is the color it became:
Pretty right?!  I loved discovering this technique to custom create your own nail polish!  How cool that no one else in the world has this exact color! Just remember to save your old nail polish bottles so that you can create your own fraken polishes! 
Happy mixing!

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