Thursday, May 19, 2011

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania

So I totally forgot to do a review of these when I did my makeup look earlier this week- so here it is!

A rare flea market find when I was out of town - I picked up the black and white NYX Ultra Pearl Mania pigments.  I paid $1.50 for each of these.
The black bottle has leftover sticky label stuff on it so don't mind that.  These pigments are packed with shimmer in a pearly finish, just like the label says.  I like shimmery eye shadows so I thought that these would be perfect for me.  Here are dry swatches of the two colors on the back of my hand:
I wish that these could be more opaque when applied dry.  The white is nice to use as a highlighter and as an all over lid base.  With primer, these don't crease or budge on my normally oily lids.  

I do prefer to apply these wet though to get better color payoff.  These apply beautifully wet but the pigment themselves are hard to get out of the bottle they come in.  The opening is too small and doesn't allow a brush to be dipped in. I just tip the bottle over and use my palm to hold the pigments.

I just wish I would have picked out more colors. :)
 NYX Ultra Pearl Pigments applied wet
Pearly lids,


  1. Where is the flea market located at? TIA.

  2. I got these at 7 mile near Milwaukee, WI. :)