Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fly With Me

So remember the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail polish strips (in Fly with Me) I had bought a while ago?   I finally got around to trying them out.  Here is a look I created with the butterfly strips and my Revlon polishes from my previous Big Lots haul.
You do have to sort through the strips to find the best fit for your nails.  If you find a strip that works for your nails, it might be wise to measure and cut some of the other strips that are too wide down to size so that you don't end up wasting any.  Applying these can be quite tricky.  Once it's stuck on your nail, its hard to try to shift it around- so if you mess up, it's best to just take it all off and try again.  I pushed back my cuticle with the orange stick that was included in the kit, and used it to help guide the nail strip into place.  Once I smoothed the strip down I filed off the excess with my nail filer.  I was left with a beautiful mani.
But once I applied topcoat over, I noticed a lot of bubbling.  You really have to examine close to tell though.  I just need more practice.  
Then I painted the rest of my nails with my purple Revlon nail polish in Rock. (Check out my Big Lot's Haul blog entry here to find pictures)  I applied this color over two coats of base coat.  I found that this formula is rather sticky.  I needed to really load my brush with color or else it would stick and drag across the nail.  Getting a uniform application was tough on the first coat.  Very discouraging.  After two coats, it started to look a little bit better, but again, I had to really load the color onto the brush.  

I eventually made it to three coats.  One thing I noticed was drying time was actually very quick.  This was surprising because of the fact that I had initially used so much polish in between each coat.  I was still expecting my nails to be rather tacky, but when I checked them, they were dry.  Niiiiice.

I could have just left them like that, but I thought they were rather bland so I added some glitter nail polish to the mix.  I used Galaxy (again from my prev Big Lots haul) as a top coat to Rock.  I applied several coats of Galaxy to really build up the glitter.  Drying time again was rather quick.  I also applied two coats of clear top coat to seal everything in. Here is the final look:
Definitely out there.  I don't like the color combo as much, so I'm not sure how long this mani is going to last.  I was going to originally use my Sinful Colors blue nail polish in Fly Away to pick up on the blue in the butterflies but decided against it because I really wanted to try out the Revlon polishes.  Another time maybe.

Flying high,

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