Sunday, May 8, 2011

Rimmel Glam' Eyes Mascara Review

I have to admit, I only picked this mascara from Rimmel because of the packaging.  I love the cute crown and the girly pink and black label.  The wand was packaged so that consumers could see how it is constructed.  I like mascara wands that are thinner and made with shorter bristles so that I can get equal coverage on my short lashes.  I really wanted to like this mascara, I really did.  
But...I hate the wand.  It's made entirely of plastic and the bristles are not spaced close enough to distribute the mascara evenly to my lashes.  The wand is also too flexible and doesn't hold up well upon application.  It bends and yields too much to my lashes.  As you can see from the picture, I actually bent the wand trying to put it back into the tube. 
The wand also has two different size brush bristles, one is longer than the other.  I tried my best to capture the brush bristle design in the above photo.  It is designed to lengthen and volumize lashes.  The only thing that I did end up liking is the tube design because it doesn't waste any mascara once the wand is drawn out of the tube. I hate it when mascara formulas are so goopy that you have to wipe most it off on the tube before you can even apply.

Overall, this mascara would probably work better for someone with longer and thicker lashes, not my short, stubby Asian lashes.  Boo.  But the packaging is still cute.

Longing for lashes,

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