Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I was out of town this past weekend in the Twin Cities area and went browsing at the Hmong markets on Sunday before the hub and I headed back to Wisconsin.  I found so much cute stuff for such great deals at the Hmong markets, and wanted everything I saw, but settled on these few things:

So first off, I picked up this super cute plastic Hello Kitty contact case.  Who doesn't love Hello Kitty?  I wear clear contacts (Acuvue) and I also have prescribed colored contacts (Freshlook).  I just currently own two of the same generic blue and white contact cases for my contacts.  This Hello Kitty case now holds my amethyst colored contacts so now I know which case holds which contacts.  This was only $3.
First off, I love anything that has cherries on it.  Some people might find it too kitschy but I simply adore cherry themed accessories so when I find them- I just have to have them. I found these cute cherry earrings for $3.75, but when I got up to the register to pay, the cashier said they were 50% off.  Even better!  I like that the cherries are pearls.  So chic.  I was wary of buying earrings because I do have sensitive ears and have to wear the nickel-free kind, but these were so cute that I just could not pass them up.
At another booth I found these cherry bobby pins that were decorated with these little rhinestones.  I like that they don't exactly match color wise- one's pink and the other is red, but they are still cute enough to wear alone or together.  I knew I would use these to clip my bangs out of the way.  These were $1 each.
Then I found this wheel of nail rhinestones for only $2 at a little booth that sold Chinese souvenirs.  I usually buy rhinestones at the craft store because they are much cheaper than buying from a beauty supply store, but they don't come in a little wheel like this one does and not for this price.  Another great find!
Lastly, while I was picking out a souvenir for E, I found this cute plastic Hello Kitty phone charm for $1.  I love the adorable pink cherry accessory she has on. So me!  But when I was trying to put it on my phone when I was in the car, I noticed that she has some extra yellow paint on her foot.  I should have inspected it more carefully at the booth. :(
That concludes this mini haul.  I love going to the Hmong markets in St. Paul because I never know what treasures I might find!  

Hello Kitty Hugs,

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