Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Just a lil' Shopping Spree

Hey everyone! So I went shopping yesterday on my day off at two of my favorite stores (TJ Maxx & Gordman's) to scope out new spring styles, clearance racks, and see if there were any goodies for me.  Here's what I picked out:

This top is from TJ Maxx.  I have been looking for oversize t-shirts to pair with my leggings and this top was a sweet deal.  I found this in the clearance section for $10.  It looks like a sweatshirt, but the material is a beautiful light gray satin and the hems and sleeve cuffs are cotton.  It has a large roomy neckline, so you can wear it off the shoulder, which is what I am planning to do.
 no flash
Then I found this cute black satin oversize tank top at Gordman's on clearance for only $3.  I love the cute accent flower on the side.
 no flash
 accent flower
I also found these earrings at Gordman's for $4.99.  I love accessories that have owls on them, so when I saw these on the rack, I knew I had to have them.
I put my thumb next to them so you can see how big they actually are.  I love the black onyx eyes and the detailing on these.  How cute!

I also gravitated towards this necklace with the bow encrusted with little gems.  I just hope they don't fall out.  This necklace was only $8.99 at Gordman's.  
Then last but not least, I picked up this perfume set from Vera Wang at Gordman's.  This was on clearance for $16 but I had a coupon for 20% off so I got this set for about $13.  I tried the sample perfume first and walked around the store for a while before going back and finding this boxed set on clearance.  
Vera Wang Glam Princess Perfume Set:
As you can see, the perfume is no dinky little bottle of fragrance. This perfume bottle is big enough to fit in the palm of my hand and holds 1.7 ounces. You get a good amount for what you pay.  I was looking at the full size bottle and that bottle retailed for around $45, so this was a steal.

Smelling like a princess,

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