Sunday, May 1, 2011

Jordana EasyLiner for Lips

I have been buying lipsticks like crazy lately, so I needed some lip liners.  Lip liners are something that I don't want to spend a lot of money on,  so I got these two Jordana lip liners from Walgreens.  I wanted a nude lip liner and a berry lip liner because I tend to wear more of these colors on my lips.  I picked out Baby Berry and Rock n' Rose.
Swatches:  Baby Berry & Rock n' Rose in florescent lighting
I like how these are retractable pencils- which means no sharpening!  I do not like having to dig for my pencil sharpener when I'm busy doing my morning routine.  These pencils are creamy, pigmented and don't tug.  I outline my lips first and then fill them in before I add lipstick to my lips.  Here is Baby Berry & Rock n' Rose on my lips, outlined and filled in:
 Baby Berry in florescent light w/no flash
 Baby Berry in florescent light w/flash
 Rock n' Rose in natural light
 Rock n' Rose in florescent light with out flash
Overall, I really like these liners.  I would wear these just by themselves, the colors are so pretty.  I like to layer on lip balm before I apply the liner, so in the pictures these colors look glossy.  They are actually more matte by themselves.  These Jordana pencils are great for the price you pay and they have a nice selection of colors. 

Berry happy,

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