Saturday, May 14, 2011

Glazewear by Avon

These are part of my recent Avon haul.  I picked out these three lipglosses for .99 cents each.  I was surprised when I got them because I had expected them to be much bigger.  These are about chapstick size but skinnier than standard chapsticks.  
I was going to just return them because I was disappointed in the size, but then thought about it and kept them.  I figured that these would be nice to stick into my wristlets or clutch when I'm out and about.  I hate trying to shove everything that I need into wristlets & clutches, especially full size lip glosses, and I would be really sad if I lost one of my full-sized beloved lip glosses.

So I will start off with my favorite one first:  Glazewear Sparkle in Rave.
The best way to describe this- it's like a disco ball of pink.  lol.  This gloss has tons of tiny gold flecks in it and though the color may look a little too Barbie-scary in the tube, it is very sheer on the lips and very wearable.  I took lots of photos of this one so you can see the different layers and dimensions. 

These glosses come with the standard doe foot applicator and a twist off cap. The formula is not scented and not flavored.  (Not a big deal for me, but some might prefer scented and/or flavored glosses.)  Again, the formula is actually pretty sheer, so it can be worn alone or layered over a lipstick.  The micro glitter in the gloss can feel grainy on the lips, so if that is something that you don't like I would not recommend the Sparkle glosses- try the Shine ones instead.

Onto the Glazewear Shines.  I picked two of these, one in Darling Pink and one in Iced Pink.  These are also unscented and not flavored.  

First off is Darling Pink.  This one is a cream rose pink with gold shimmer running through it.

Again, not a whole lot of pigmentation on my lips, but you can really see the gold shimmer shine through.  This one does not feel as grainy as the Sparkle one.
This one is Iced Pink.  This is just a straight up frosty pink gloss.

And swatches of all three on my hand:
Swatches from left to right:  Rave, Iced Pink and Darling Pink
So although I was disappointed in the size of these at first, they can be pretty functional for traveling and for when I am on the go.  Color payoff isn't that great but for only .99 cents each, they do pack a lot of shimmer and shine.  I don't think that I will repurchase them though- the size is just what gets me.

I bought this eye makeup remover lotion for Avon for $1.99.  
Truth be told- I don't even remember why I wanted it or why I ordered it in the first place. haha.  Maybe I just felt like I was getting such a great deal and I just couldn't pass it up. :)  Who knows. lol.

My Avon rep also gave me a free full size bottle of Moisture Therapy hand cream in soothing oatmeal.  I was so glad she gave me this because I remember looking at my very dry hands that day while I was at work and kicking myself for not bringing my purse with me because my Yes2Carrots body butter was in it. lol. This lotion is fortified with colloidal oatmeal (oats ground into a very fine powder) and instantly soothes dry and itchy skin.  There are different types of this lotion besides the oatmeal, one in Vitamin Treatment, and one in Intensive Treatment.  These are featured in the newest Avon catalog as only .99 cents each with a purchase of another bath/beauty product listed.
This lotion is very rich and creamy, and leaves my hands feeling silky soft.  The formula allows for easy application and absorbs beautifully. I even gave some to E to use on his eczema. 

I also bought a foundation but when I opened it, I realized the shade was much too dark for me so I had my Avon rep order me a lighter shade.  When I receive that I will post and do a review.

Glossed & Glittered,

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  1. The lip gloss are so cute!I love the eye make up remover it's great!