Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sephora's Loose Mineral Foundation Review

I purchased this foundation at Sephora's on clearance for only $10.   I know, I know- I have been collecting foundations like crazy lately.  I picked this one up though because I was in need of a darker foundation for the summer. (There, there's my justification.) ;D

I have been an avid user of Bare Minerals for a while, but have never really branched out and tried other mineral brands.  I definitely liked the price tag attached to this one though- because Bare Minerals retails for around $25-28 each for just one jar of foundation.
Swatches: Brushed out on left and a straight swatch on right 
I picked up the shade Tan and as you can see, it is slightly darker than my natural shade.  This should work okay for the summer. And I figured that I could always mix it with my Bare Minerals powder to create a custom foundation that would better match me for the following months.

Upon use, this formula is very silky and smooth.  It did not irritate my skin unlike some drugstore mineral foundations.  I did mix it with my Bare Minerals like I mentioned though because of the shade. I prefer to wear mineral makeup in the summer because it doesn't melt off of my face and it definitely feels lighter than liquid foundation.  

The only thing that I did not like was that there was no spill proof top like my Bare Minerals one so this foundation is definitely not travel friendly.

Surprisingly, this foundation works better for me as a contouring powder because it is matte and a shade darker than my natural skin tone.  It blends nicely and doesn't make me look too orangey or shiny! 

Besides this foundation, I walked out of Sephora's empty handed and longing for a Sugar Daddy to buy me all the makeup I could ever want. :D

With Lovely Loose Powder,


  1. How do you rate the coverage compared to Bare Minerals?

  2. Hi Mikaela! I actually have not used this product all by itself as a foundation bc it is too dark for me yet so I can't really say. BUT I do also use it as a contouring powder and it works beautifully. It applies well to the skin and it blends nicely. I have not had any problems with it so far. Are you thinking of purchasing?

  3. I did purchase 2 shades after reading the reviews and due to the price drop to $5. I've been using BM for years and is perfect build-able coverage for me and considering where I live (Miami Beach ie. HUMIDITY) lol. Hopefully this lives up to its reviews. Thanks for the response!

  4. Mikaela,
    $5? Wow, you got a great deal! I hope it works out for you! I have been enjoying it so far. I live in Wisconsin so we have extreme temp fluctuations so I know what you mean about humidity and foundation. lol. Mineral foundations can be so nice and light for those days. Good luck!

  5. Just thinking of buying this! It is now $3 on the Sephora site!! New follower!!

  6. Hi Rachel! Thanks for reading, following and commenting! $3 is such a great deal! I actually bought 2 more at $5 each. Thanks again for following. :)