Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stormy Eyes

This is a look that I created for a beauty contest that I wanted to participate in.  The theme was a "Thunderstorm/Rainstorm" inspired look.  Here is my take on the look:
What do you think?  
I decided to go with a more intense artsy look for this contest.  I used my NYX Ultra Pearl Pigments in Black and White to achieve this look. Then I used rhinestones to create artsy rain drops on one side of my eye.  I went with a soft bronze-almost nude lip to play up my eyes.  I used Nars blush in Orgasm on my cheeks and also used some highlighter to create some more frost on my cheeks. I also contoured my nose for this look and highlighted the bridge. 

And I managed to take a couple of pictures of what I did to achieve this look so here is a little tutorial:

1.  Prime lids with your favorite primer.  Groom brows. I used Urban Decay Primer Potion and my Prestige Brow Liner in Earth Brown.
2. Apply NYX Ultra Pearl pigment in white all over lid with fingers.
3.  Apply NYX Ultra Pearl Pigment in black to crease with brush and blend into the white.
4.  Wet angled brush and dip into NYX Ultra Pearl pigment in Black and darken crease area.  Draw a sharp crease with the wet brush.  You don't want to blend out the crease for this look.  Darken outer corner and blend into white.  Line with the angled brush.
 5.  Wet a clean angled brush and dip into white pigment.  Apply again over white to increase intensity.
6.  Line eyes with black liquid liner.  Wing it slightly at the end.
7.  Draw lashes onto bottom outer corner of lower lash line with black liquid liner.  I did three, but you can do more and you can make them longer if you like. 
8.  Line lower lash line with black liner.  Smudge.
9.  Dab lash glue on back of hand.  Apply rhinestones one at a time randomly or create a design.  I used an orange stick to apply my rhinestones.
*I used rhinestones that were made for nails and I used craft rhinestones from the craft store
10.  Apply falsies.  I used these lashes I got from the Dollar Tree.
11.  Finally, sweep away any fallout with a fan brush and clean up eye area as needed.

There you have it!

I won! I will post a picture of my winnings when I receive them in the mail.  
With Stormy Eyes,

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