Friday, May 6, 2011

Big Lots Haul

So I took a tip from fellow blogger Nouveau Cheap and checked out my nearest Big Lots to see if there were any great beauty deals.  I hit the jackpot with a long sought after lipstick and found more nail polishes to add to my hoard along with several other goodies.

So I will start off with my favorite purchase first.  I have been wanting the lipstick Pink Please from Maybelline for a while now, but it has been discontinued from the line.  :(  I hope they bring it back because almost all of my favorite Youtube gurus love this lipstick.  I had found one Pink Please lipstick left at Walmart but it was used and swatched.  (eww- remember that was one of my biggest pet peeves?)  So I didn't purchase and had just resigned to never finding it.  

Lo and behold- what did I find in a small, almost over looked make up bin at Big Lots? Not one, but TWO Pink Please lipsticks for only $1.50 each! SCORE!  I checked both to see if they were used- and they weren't! Brand new!  One lipstick had a small nick on the top but nothing major.  I just grabbed them both and did a small victory dance inside my head. =)
Swatch:  Pink Please on lips in natural light
 Very happy with that find.  I also got some Revlon Nail polishes that were packaged in two's for only $2.00. I got four Revlon nail polishes for $4- unbelievable savings when you take into consideration that Revlon nail polishes usually retail for around $4 each!  
 Swatches:  Belle, Galaxy, Rock, Silver
 Swatches: Rock & Silver
Swatches: Belle & Galaxy
I love glitter nail polishes so I immediately gravitated towards these two packages.  Belle has silver little sparkles mixed with larger silver glitter pieces.  Galaxy is a mix between iridescent purple and navy color with small purple sparkles and larger silver glitter pieces.  Rock is a brilliant, almost highlighter purple even though it looks bluish in the photos.  I like Silver, but not sure why it's called Silver because its actually a gray?

Also got this travel kabuki brush for only $1.  Because of the packaging I couldn't feel it to see how soft it would be. The back of the bag didn't say what the brush hairs were made from either so I assumed it was probably synthetic fibers.  I opened it when I got home and it isn't as soft as I would like it, but I like the dome shaped brush and the carrying case it came with.
 Kabuki brush with travel case
Pic to show the density of brush
 Dome shaped brush
Big enough to hold in palm of my hand
I also got this skin boosting night serum from Biore for $4.50.  I currently don't use anything on my skin at night so I thought this would be a great place to start.  The only thing I have to complain about is that the packaging is so deceiving.  I was expecting a much larger bottle.
 Actual size - haha - Bottle holds 1.4 fluid oz of serum
 Serum on the back of my hand
 Swatched out
What it claims...
I will review this product more in depth at a later time.  
Lastly, I also found this Maybelline Dream Mousse concealer in the same makeup bin that I found the lipsticks in.   This was only $3.  There were also foundations but the shades were much too dark for my skin tone so I didn't get any of them.
 Swatched on back of my hand in natural light
 Blended out on hand in natural light
At first I thought it might be a little too yellow for me but I used this under my eyes today and to cover my acne scars and it covers so beautifully.  It also blends like a dream, just like it says. lol. I am so glad I found this product for such a great deal.  
Overall, I am so happy that I hit up Big Lots!  I also spotted some Elf products while I was there, but nothing that I really wanted.  Elf products were $2.50 each there, so there is a .50 cent savings, but sometimes I find the same products at the Dollar Tree for only $1.  Final verdict:  Beauty deals are out there- go forth and find them! :)

Happy with big savings,

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