Saturday, April 30, 2011

Revlon ColorStay Mineral Finishing Powder Review

This particular product from Revlon was on clearance at Walgreen's for only $3.59, so I snatched it because I need a nice bronzer for summer.  This product normally retails for about $11 and up.  I picked out #020 in Suntan Matte.  This has some cream and darker brown color swirled into the copper color. 
This product is marketed as a Mineral Finishing Powder, but I think that I would probably use it as just a bronzer.  The back label suggests that it be used as an "all over enhancing color."  I assume that it could probably be used just like Warmth from Bare Minerals, which I also have.  

Here I swatched it onto my fingers.  There isn't a whole lot of color payoff right away and it seems rather powdery, even though this formula is talc-free.
But then I swatched it onto my hand, and it looks better once its applied onto the skin.  In natural light, there is a slight sheen to this formula, even though the label says matte.  Once blended out, it seems a little too orange for my skin tone, so I have to try it on my face to get a better idea.   
The package allows for a lot of product, but I am worried that because of the dome shape and because it's baked, this might be prone to breakage easily.  Maybe that's why its packaged the way it is?  I might go back for the other color, Brighten.  See the product and reviews here:  RevlonBrighten

Baked and bronzed,

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