Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Maybelline-Coral Carnation

Hello dolls.  I picked up yet another Spring lipstick from Maybelline, even though I had told myself that I didn't need it last month.  
This time I picked up Coral Carnation.  I had $3 in Register Rewards from Walgreens that I needed to use, so it went towards this lipstick.
I expected this to be quite a bit more pigmented, but then again, it might be harder to wear.  This is a very pretty wash of color on the lips though.
 Wearing Coral Carnation on my lips
Here are swatches of it as well on my arm:
 Swatched under Ottlite (above) & in natural light (below)
Overall, I am quite pleased that I ended up picking this color as well.  It is very wearable and I have nothing like it in my collection so far.  I would recommend that you exfoliate your lips before wearing this lippie though as it does stick to flakes (as you can see from my own pictures above). 

See the other lip colors that I picked up from this collection here and here.  ^_*


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