Friday, March 30, 2012

Maybelline- Fuchsia Fresia

Hello there dolls.  So remember my Maybelline spring post here?  Well, Fuchsia Fever is not part of that new collection.  Fuchsia Fresia is the color that was released with the collection.  Somehow, someone had put Fuchsia Fever in the same display and in my haste, I had not noticed the difference!
(By the way-Fuchsia Fever is part of the core collection.)
Maybelline Fuchsia Fresia
I was at a different Walgreens today and I found the same display but with this lipstick instead.  I could have sworn that I had Fuchsia Fever and not Fuchsia Fresia, so I put it in my cart and brought it home with me for comparisons.
Here is Fuchsia Fever (bottom) and Fuchsia Fresia (top) side by side for comparisons:
 Fuchsia Fever (bottom swatch) & Fuchsia Fresia (top swatch):
 Swatch:  Fuchsia Fresia on lips
As you can see, Fuchsia Fresia is definitely sheerer on the lips.  Fuchsia Fever is more blue-toned and more pigmented.  

Which do I prefer?  Em- well, I love Fuchsia Fever actually.  Fuchsia Fresia is a nice lippie that is work safe but it doesn't have quite the same zing that Fuchsia Fever has for me.  What do you think?


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