Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sinful Colors-Athens

Hello dolls.  Here is another color from the recent Cast Away collection from Sinful Colors.  This one is called Athens.  
Athens is a beautiful dusty teal creme color, but my camera had a hard time capturing it.  I love it- and it is a definite favorite from this collection!  I can see myself wearing this a lot this spring.  Only one thing-the bottle that I picked up had no brush!  
Seriously-quality control really dropped the ball on that one!  To remedy this, I just took one of my brushes from an old Sally Hansen bottle that I finished and used it to apply this color to my nails.  The Walgreens that I bought this from was all the way across town and the one nearest me didn't have this collection on display at all, so returning it was a hassle in itself.  Bummer.
Anywhos, I wanted to spruce it up the next day so I took Sinful Colors Kissy and went over the tips with it.  Then, I took Revlon's Belle and glitterfied it.  Topcoat to seal everything in.  Bling! 



  1. WOW really no brush?Can't belive it.It's a beautiful color.

  2. pretty! reminds me of a mermaid! :)