Monday, April 23, 2012

Elf Studio-Kabuki brush review

Hello there dolls.  The beauty department at my local Target has been expanding in addition to their remodeling-which is good for me!  The Elf line has had some recent (and awesome) upgrades-including this kabuki brush for $6.  I love kabuki brushes so this had to come home with me.
I like how the brush is made out of synthetic fibers-so it's animal friendly.  Did I mention how super soft this is?  It really is.    Also, Elf doesn't test on animals, so if you're sensitive about that-yay Elf!  Also, I am happy to report that it doesn't shed while or after washing.  
It does mimic the look of a "skunk" brush with the tinted black on top and white on the bottom but the brush itself is rather dense and tapers out from the middle (top?).  In all, it's great for buffing on a layer of translucent powder or mineral makeup.

Final thoughts

  • Soft, synthetic bristles
  • Doesn't shed
  • Travel friendly
  • Slightly more expensive than regular studio line brushes at $6