Monday, April 2, 2012

March-Running on Empty

Hello dolls.  Here is what I ran out of in March:

Seche Vite top coat
Yes, another one gone.  I have no patience to sit around and wait for my nails to dry so this stuff is my lifeline.  

Repurchase? Of course.  I have another bottle stashed away in my organizer as a back-up as well.

Prestige Hi-Definition Fluid Eyeliner Stylist
This is a liquid liner I picked up before Walgreens decided to do away with all Prestige cosmetics from their store.  That means-this liner is very old.  I never liked it anyways because it was so watery.  (See swatch above.) Not very pigmented either.  Into the garbage it goes.

Repurchase?  Nope.

 Clairol's Nice and Easy Foaming Hair Dye
This stuff is horrid.  Don't ever buy it.  I won a voucher for a free box of this hair dye last year from Lucky magazine, which is the only reason why I have it.  It left stains on my scalp and dripped everywhere-including my white bathroom carpet.  :/

Repurchase?  No way.  There are far more user-friendly dyes out there.

Bare Minerals Foundation in Medium

This foundation came in the $60 kit that I bought a while ago.  I finally pulled it out of my stash in order to use it up.  During these warmer months, I hate wearing heavy foundation on my face and my mineral makeup makes a reappearance in my daily makeup kit.
Maybelline XXL Pro Curling Mascara
I really only use one end of this mascara, which is the priming end or end #1.  I like how it plumps up my lashes and gives it extra omphf.  But I have had it for quite some while, and since I ordered a lash primer from Urban Decay recently I figured it was time to toss this one.   

I actually hate the curling mascara on the other end of this tube.  It always flakes and gives me raccoon eyes, no matter what I do.  And it doesn't curl my lashes.  Does zilch for me.

Repurchase?  Maybe, only if I couldn't get a hold of another UD lash primer potion.  And it would only be for the primer end of the mascara.

 Wet 'n Wild Concealer
This is old.  Ridiculously old.  I found it in my stash while cleaning out earlier this month and thought I would include it in my monthly post.  I haven't used this in over two years probably.  

Repurchase?  No, I don't remember liking it that much.

What did you run out of this month?


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