Monday, April 16, 2012

The Icing-After Party

Hello dolls.  Here is what I am currently wearing on my nails:
This is from the Icing, in After Party.  After Party is a unique glitter polish.  It has fragments instead of the traditional hexagons.  I hesitate to call them flakies, because to me, flakies are in a league all their own.  
This fragmented glitter polish is not as opaque as I would have liked, even after three to four plus coats.  It is definitely a layering polish. I am not quite sure if I like it yet.  It is interesting, but the haphazardness of it is what gets me.  I like my nails neat.  These are anything but neat.   It looks almost like I dipped my hands in confetti.  Badly cut confetti.  
Eh.  Also, I'm not crazy about the texture.  It took two coats of Seche Vite and another topcoat to calm things down.  You also have to be careful, because like bar glitter, this glitter might not lay flat for you.  I had to tweeze some of those suckers off or else it would drive me crazy.  

I'm still looking for a good 'underwear' polish to wear with this.  Maybe you'll see it paired with another color on this blog in the future...maybe. :)


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