Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Shiseido Face Mask-Review

Hello dolls.  I wanted to do a thorough review on the Shiseido face mask that you have seen me purchase previously in these photos.  I will be reviewing the white one today.
The package is in a different language, so I actually had to Google the directions for use.  This is a very thick mask that you have to spread on your face with your fingers.  It has the consistency of school glue, but gladly does not smell like it.  

I made the mistake of trying to wash my hands fingers after application, but it is better to wait for it to dry and then just pick it off.  Running my hands under water right away did nothing to dissolve this hot mess.  I had to scrub and scrub and scrub and then I worried about clogging up my sink. lol.
It leaves a refreshing, cooling feeling once on your face.  This mask is to be left on for at least thirty minutes, and then peeled off once dried.  It is important to paint this mask on in an even layer or else you will have some areas that don't dry as quick as other areas.  

Also, it is important to avoid your hairline and upper lip.  (I found this out the hard way.) I was literally ripping out individual strands of hair when it came time to peel the mask off.  Ouch.

Here is what the mask looks like when it is peeled off.  If you're careful you can do it in one piece.  Just discard the mask once peeled off.  It does hurt a bit to peel off, but go slowly and do a bit at a time.  I do have a high threshold for pain though, so it did not bother me as much as it might someone who has more sensitive skin.  I did this while watching t.v. late at night, so I just made sure that I had a garbage can next to me while I picked my face off. lol
This mask left my skin feeling slightly tingly after taking it off-so I would not recommend this to people who have sensitive skin.  This type of mask is advertised as a 'whitening' mask in Asia.  Although I did not buy it for the purpose of 'whitening' I felt it did do a good job of deep cleaning and exfoliating. 

I also found out while Googling images and directions that the black mask is specifically targeted for blackheads and pores.  I will do a review on that one as well, so stay tuned.

Final Thoughts

  • Affordable @ $1 each mask
  • Good for deep cleaning treatment
  • Not scented (as far as I could tell)
  • Whitening properties
  • Hard to find (in my area)
  • Not recommended for those with extremely sensitive skin
  • Rather thick which makes hard for an even application
  •   Some may find removal painful 

Repurchase?   Yes, I think that next time I am in MN again, I will get some more of these.  They are quite affordable at just $1 each and they do a good job of giving my skin a good deep cleaning.  I will stock up on these next time.



  1. Hey, Cherrie...I think the mask you get might be a fake one so please be cautious. Awkward layout and spacing aside, there are two obvious typos in the packaging: one in English (perfeetion) another one is the second kanji on lower right, instead of 発, they used the Chinese character "chair"...

    I have seen some awkward English in Japanese brand packaging but not from mega tycoon like Shiseido.

  2. Hi Citrine-
    I still have the package so I will check it. Thanks for the heads up!

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