Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Updated-Makeup Storage

Hey dolls.  Here is an updated makeup storage post as promised.  Some things have changed, but for the most part, I still have the same components and the same theme.  See my previous storage post here.

So here is my little corner of the room:
In these plastic drawers I have most of my stockpiles:
Here I have odds and ends:
This box always holds my "Running on Empty" things for the month:
These two boxes always hold my most recent purchases and things that I am trying out so that I can do a proper review:
In the glasses are lip liners & eye liners:
 My jewelry holder:
My discreet lipstick drawer:
Inside of my white cabinet (first shelf):
Second Shelf:
Third shelf:
I even got myself a box of samples:
The inspiration for my blog name:
Everything in it's place:
Nail polish storage:
It seems like a lot, but I like how it's all organized and everything in it's place. Going with white was also a good idea because it now matches everything else in my room.

How do you store all of your goodies?


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  1. So jealous! You should go through the draws!
    Check out my new lush haul and Valentines day with my gorgeous boyfriend!