Sunday, February 26, 2012

I Got Naked2- Swatches

Hey dolls.  I finally bought it- NAKED2.  I forgot to mention that Feb 16 was my 8 year anniversary to the hub, and I wanted to treat myself-so he gave me the credit card and I ordered without any guilt.  It finally arrived, despite me missing the UPS man by an hour and then waiting forever til the next day for him to come back.

Here it is in all it's glory... the Naked2 palette by Urban Decay.
I'm not going to go into the packaging etc, etc because I'm sure most of you have already read up on it.  I'll just get right to the goodies- the swatches and close ups!
 up close:
Here I have it swatched from the palette left to right on my arm:
 In different lighting:
As you can see, the matte creme shade on the very left does not show up well on my skintone.  The matte black was also disappointing to me at first swatch.  Other than that, I love all of the colors that are included in this palette-they are all right up my alley!
 Here is a quick EOTD that I created the first day I got this palette:
For this particular look I used Snakebite in the outer third of the eye and Verve for the inner corner.  I also used a little bit of Pistol in the outer V and Bootycall as my highlight.

I did another look today which is more wearable for me when I go to school:
I didn't realize how crazy the liner looked in the first photo, but when I have my eyes open it seems okay. lol.  Anyways, for this particular look, I used YDK in the outer third of the eye and used Suspect in the inner corner.  Then I took Foxy and used it to blend it out and up into the browbone.  Foxy still doesn't show up that well on me, but I can deal. 

I am in love with this palette so far and I hope that each of you get a chance to get your hands on this too!  But the real question is- is it better than the original Naked?  I'm still debating...but I'll get back to you on that once I make up my mind. :)


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  1. I still can't decide if I want it, there are colors I like but also colors I don't like at all. Thinking about getting an inglot palette in 2 weeks.