Friday, February 24, 2012

Boots No. 7-Odds & Ends

Hey dolls.  My Target is currently remodeling and upgrading to be a Super Target, which means tons of stuff is being clearanced out to make room.  I found these items from Boots No. 7 with the red clearance sticker for under $4 each!

I picked up a bottle of cuticle oil.  I have been meaning to get some, but at Sally's it seems ridiculously overpriced for such a small bottle.  I was lucky to have snagged this.  I also love the vintage vibe that all of these products have.
This cuticle oil comes with a standard dropper that I find to be a little too large.  It starts dripping oil as soon as I take it out from the bottle, so I have to make sure my cuticles and nails are ready to go when I'm using it.  Other than that, no complaints.
This cold cream was a last minute thing.  I don't like to do a lot to my skin other than clean it.  I struggle with finding a lotion that I can use everyday and doesn't break me out or suffocate my pores.  Maybe this will do the trick?  If not, I'm donating it to my mom.
Lastly, I picked up this cleansing milk.  I opened it and read the directions for use while in the store and was intrigued.  I like lazy makeup routines, why not do the same for when I want to take it off?  Will try this and do a proper review for you all as soon as I can.  


  1. AGAIN I have to complain that ALL the good stuff happens when I move out of Wausau! SuperTarget? Are you kidding me?! ARRRRR. (Ok, Madison has one but it's miles and miles away from where I live.)

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