Thursday, February 23, 2012

Michael Kors-Very Hollywood

Hey dolls.  Picked up a new fragrance at a deeply discounted price ($11 @ Target!) for myself.  This is Very Hollywood by Michael Kors. 
As there were no testers at the store, I did not know how this would smell like.  But at $11 I took the chance.  My reasoning was-even if I didn't like it, it would still make a nice gift for someone else!  It's a good thing I like it though!
Top notes in Very Hollywood:
  • Mandarin
  • Gardenia
  • Vetiver 
And what Fragrantica has to say about it:

Very Hollywood is a new fragrance by the house of Michael Kors which arrived on the market in September 2009. This sophisticated, floral fragrance incorporates aromas of mandarin, frozen bergamot, moist jasmine, raspberry, ylang ylang, gardenia, iris root, creamy amber, white moss and vetiver.

Very glam.  I find it a little strong at first, but as I wear it throughout the day, it starts to grow on me.  :) 
 Smell ya later,

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  1. I love the bottle! I would spend some money on it for that!
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