Sunday, February 5, 2012

Wet 'n Wild-On a Trip

Hey dolls.   Here is what is currently on my nails:
This is a beautiful purple, almost neon creme.  Love!  It was extremely hard to photograph and definitely not as blue as it seems in these photos. 
I really didn't want to take this polish off.  Here are the obligatory bottle shots.  The color is much truer in the pictures below.  
As you can see, the MegaLast nail polish line has also been revamped and are now in a newly shaped bottle.  I do much rather prefer this shape, as I thought the circular bottles were a bit child-like.

These bottles still come with the extra wide brush.  Some people don't like this type of brush as much but I, for one, do.  The wider brush allows me to paint my nails in just one stroke.  Okay-maybe two, but I do really appreciate the wider brush because of my small nail beds.  With that being said, sometimes the quality of the brush is crap.  The brush that I got with Candi-licous was really quite ridiculous.  It had bristles that didn't lay flat with the brush and left gross streaks in my polish.  grrr.  So the brushes are really a hit and miss with me.

I also picked up four more of these polishes from the new Spring collection, so look for them in an upcoming post. :)


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