Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bath & Body Works-Haul & Random Things

Hey dolls.  I don't know about you, but I love the Wall Flowers from Bath & Body Works.  After using these, I have never purchased anything else.  I always stop in and pick up a bunch whenever they have a sale, especially after the holidays.  

Currently, my house smells like Mint Chocolate.  This is such a yummy smelling Wall Flower, that I bought the dual holder last month for twice the scent.  As you can see, I recently ran out but I just replaced it with two more of the Mint Chocolate. 
I picked up some of the new fragrances while I was there along with two new Wallflowers:
I am a big fan of their foaming hand soaps because they smell so awesome.  One always sits by my sink.  Here are six more that I picked up (I bought 2 of the cherry one):
 B&BW foaming hand soaps:
Then, my supervisor for student teaching gifted me this mini hand lotion trio from Bath & Body Works. This was so thoughtful of her.
I don't have any of these scents yet so I'm looking forward to using them.  And because these are mini-size, I can just throw them into my purse.

This mini body spray was on clearance so I picked it up from under $2.  I bought it because Midnight Pomegranate was my favorite Wall Flower scent, but it has long been discontinued.  Insert sad face here. :(
These are just a few of my favorite things from Bath & Body Works.  Are you a fan of anything from there?  



  1. moonlight path is my all time favorite scent from B&BW

  2. I just read through your most recent posts! I really enjoyed them. I just haven't had time to come online very much but hoping to be more committed. Keep posting!