Sunday, February 12, 2012

Storage Ideas

Hello dolls.  I have been on a storage kick lately and organizing like a crazy person.  I had just renewed my lease for my cozy little apartment and I had just grown tired of all the clutter that had accumulated over the years.  A new fresh start is just what I needed.

I knew that I wanted white shelving and storage so I went to Target because I love their selection of ClosetMaid stuff.  I picked out two of these white cabinets for around $60 each.
And I picked out this shelving unit to match.  I love these square shelving units because they are so versatile!  I already have one in my living room and I love how much it stores. 
Here is the one in my living room:
As you can see, it sits behind my sofa and you can see it right when you walk in my door.  I love how functional it is- even though at first I had originally just wanted a sofa table.  So glad I found this.

Anyhow, I also like how you can decide which way you want the organizer to stand-vertically or horizontally.  These are also stackable- so you can have twice the amount of shelving if you buy two of them!  They come in different finishes too.  And you can choose from 6, or 8 cubes like the picture below:
So here is what one corner of my bedroom looked like before.
Eek, right?  I hated waking up and looking at it.  So here is what I did:
The husband still has to put together the other cabinet, which will eventually sit on the other side of the cube organizer, but it's okay because I'm still trying to organize, de-clutter and junk things that I don't need anymore.  This cabinet houses most of my teaching supplies and school stuff.   Here is what I have done so far in the cabinet:
Top Shelf:
 Middle shelf:
 Bottom 2 shelves:
And here is a closer look at the cube organizer so far:
I also still have to buy the cube drawers that can sit in the organizer which are around $7 each, so I am filling out as much as I can first before buying them.

Also, my nail polish stash was driving me insane.  I was storing them in these before.  So I went to Micheal's craft store with a 40% off coupon and bought this:
This drawer cube retails for around $35 but with my coupon, I only paid around $22 for it.  I had first gotten the idea from another blogger, but alas, I can not find the particular post.  So if you know-please drop me a comment so that I can properly credit them for this storage idea. :)
The finished product:
Bottom drawer:
 Middle drawer:
 Top drawer:
I love how sturdy it is and how each drawer is tall enough to house all of my nail polishes!  And- as you can see, there is still room to grow!  lol!  I have really only filled the middle drawer and I'm really thinking of going back to Micheal's for another one to stack on top of this one.  

I will also have to do another post on my updated makeup storage ideas as well.  Have you started spring cleaning yet? :)


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  1. yay for storage ideas! would also love to see the make-up storage!