Saturday, February 11, 2012

An Ode to Kitty...

Hello loves.  As an almost 30 year old- I still find Hello Kitty to be adorable and will always be a fan.  I am not a hardcore collector persay, but I love me a little dose of Hello Kitty through accessories.

Here is a mirror compact that I recently picked up for under $5 at the Sanrio store at MOA.  I have the same compact in a black Hello Kitty, but it has gotten rather scratched up from being in my purse.
I like how one side is magnified and one side is not.  Functional and fun!
I also picked up this creme pink polish-and already included it in a previous post, but the packaging-gosh darnit-the packaging! 
I also bought this organizer for $10.  I like how there are little compartments within it.  I will use this to tote around my makeup when traveling.  It even came with a little lock and key!  How cute!

I also bought this coffee mug.  The hub rolled his eyes at me, but I could justify this purchase.  I mean-I don't have a coffee mug that closes completely at the top like this one does!  That means no splashing when I'm walking down the stairs in the morning with my cup of joe to my car.  :)
And, of course, I also bought Hello Kitty valentines to hand out this year. 
Yes, Hello Kitty will always be near and dear to me, no matter what age.  :)


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